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Research and Teaching

Presence and Resistance (acting), Clown

“I hope my students may learn from me that learning and teaching can be co-investigative, that the study of history is both an important act of imagination and a moral responsibility to those who came before us, that true wonder needs exercise, risk, pursuit of what we may resist for fear of failure, that no good art gets made from comfort ­ but most of all I hope we can be led by fierce delight in questions.”

Awards amd Accomplishments:

Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival recognition of Excellence in Body of Work Directing 2011, Carol Williams grant 2010, Ersted Award for Outstanding Teaching 2003


Between the Acts, adapted from Virginia Woolf’s novel – Hope Theatre (2014)

Left Hand of Darkness, adapted from Ursula K. Le Guin’s novel – Portland Playhouse (2013)

“Devising New Theatre For College Programs.” Theatre Topics 14.1 (2004)

“ReMEMBERING WILDE.” Northwest Edge: Fictions of Mass Destruction. (2003)

“The Making of Faust/Faustus ­ An Essay in Three Parts.” DVD and paper distribution with the film Faust/Faustus in Deptford, (international film festivals 2003-2002)

“Prophecy and History in the Plays of Andrei Amalrik.” TEATR 1 (2000)

“Entropy’s Desire ­ Conjuring Faust/Faustus.” Living in a Material World ­ Consuming in the War Zone. Coventry University, United Kingdom, (2000)

“Confessional Performance and Postmodernism.” Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism IX.1 (1994)

Recent Production Credits:
Director: Wonder If, Wonder Why, Director: Spring Awakening, University Theatre 2014, Love Will Shake (adapted from Shakespeare’s Sonnets), University Theatre 2013, Bat Boy: The Musical, University Theatre 2012, bobrauschenburgamerica, University Theatre 2011