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Jessica Engeman holds a Master of Science in Historic Preservation and Master of Community & Regional Planning from the University of Oregon. Her Bachelor of Arts in Art History focused on American Architecture. 

For over ten years, Jessica has worked as a historic preservation specialist and project manager for Venerable Group, Inc.—a boutique real estate development firm in Portland that specializes in historic rehabilitation and adaptive reuse projects. She has particular expertise in historic preservation incentives, unique financing strategies, and feasibility assessment for historic building reuse. Her recent publications includes “Meeting the Secretary’s Standards for Historic Rehabilitation: The Developer’s Perspective” in the Spring 2013 edition of Forum Journal.

Jessica’s areas of interest in the field of preservation include:
  • Difficult-to-redevelop historic properties such as schools and courthouses
  • Public perception of the value of historic preservation as an economic development tool and effective education strategies
  • Improvements to current historic preservation incentives to increase effectiveness
  • The balance between compatibility and differentiation in new construction in historic districts and additions/alterations to historic properties. 
Previous thesis or terminal project committees on which Jessica has served:
  • Kathleen Mertz.  Affordable Housing in Historic Hotels: Enumerating the Economic, Environmental, and Social Benefits of Adaptive Reuse. 2007
  • Natalie Perrin.  Eugene Civic Stadium: History, Structures Review, Preservation Pitch. 2008
  • Gregoor Passchier.  Urban Renewal in Rural Oregon Communities: A Tool for Historic Preservation. 2008
  • Celeste Cuti.  Rehabilitation Best Practices in Portland, Oregon. 2011
  • Brandon Spencer-Hartle.  An Evaluation of Oregon’s Special Assessment of Historic Property Program. 2011


Jessica Engeman teaches Preservation Economics.