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Spreading Sustainability: How Science-Based Solutions Move to Broad Practice is a collaborative research project with Andrew Nelson and Jennifer Howard-Grenville from the UO Business School. This project was initiated in 2009 to use the emergence, development, and successful diffusion of green chemistry as a case study to identify mechanisms by which innovative science-based approaches spread within and beyond academia and gain legitimacy among diverse audiences.

Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Andrew J. Nelson, Andrew G. Earle, Julie A. Haack, Douglas M. Young.  “If Chemists Don’t Do It, Who Is Going To?” Peer-driven Occupational Change and the Emergence of Green Chemistry, Administrative Science Quarterly, 2017. 62 (3): p. 524–560. Note: received Best Paper Award at the Sustainability, Ethics & Entrepreneurship Conference, May 2015.

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Nelson, A.; Earle, A.; Howard-Grenville, J.; Haack, J.A.; Young, D. Do Innovation Measures Actually Measure Innovation?  Obliteration, Symbolic Adoption, and Other Finicky Challenges in Tracking Innovation Diffusion, Research Policy, 2014. 43 (6): p. 927-940.