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B.A., Kalamazoo College, 1961. Ph.D., Stanford University, 1965 (W. S. Johnson). Postdoctoral: Columbia University, 1965 (R. Breslow). Honors and Awards: Phi Beta Kappa; NSF Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Fellow; Eastman Kodak Award; Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellow; John S. Guggenheim Foundation Fellow; NIH Research Career Development Award; Member National Cancer Institute Research Manpower Study Section; Consultant, MRI; Consultant, Cambridge NeuroScience, American Cancer Society Panel; Fogerty International Research Review Panel; Consultant, Mallinckrodt Medical; Editorial Board, Bioconjugate Chemistry; Co-Founder, Acea Pharmaceuticals, 1992; Consultant, Abbott Laboratories; Co-Founder, Advanced MicroBotics (Ikonos), 1994; Consultant, CoCensys; Executive Director of Chemistry, CoCensys, 1997; Consultant, Cytovia (now a subsidiary of Maxim Pharmaceuticals), 1999; Co-Founder Axos Pharmaceuticals, 2001; Consultant, Applied Biosystems; Consultant, Patent Litigation, 2002; Consultant, Orexigen, Inc., 2003; Editorial Borad, Drug Design Reviews - Online, 2003; Consultant, Novacea, Inc., 2004-present; Consultant, Ascenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 2004-present; Editorial Board, Medicinal Chemistry, 2004-present; Consultant, Novalar, Inc.,2004; Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Metagenics/MetaProteomics, Inc., 2005-present.. At Oregon since 1965.