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Julieta Gil creates work from an in-depth analysis of how power structures materialize as symbols that occupy public space. Experimenting with digital and analog media, her process originates from routine walks and participation in public protests around her native Mexico City, thoroughly documenting public architecture, monuments and statues. Gil’s record-keeping system consists of photogrammetric scanning procedures that are traditionally used to create 3D models as simulations of physical objects. Gil devises methodologies that register and catalog her bodily interaction with these, reconfigures and materializes them in ways that put the very idea of the archive into question. Gil’s practice spans installation, sculpture, 3D renderings and time-based media, and incorporates themes of feminism, fiction, memory, and technology with a focus on confronting hegemonic and exclusionary narratives. 


In 2020, Gil received the Lumen Prize for Art and Technology for her project “Nuestra Victoria”, envisioned as a response to government censorship around a prominent Mexico City monument which served as a site of protest and intervention by feminist groups. She has exhibited at Nevada Museum of Art, Palm Spring Art Museum, SCAD Museum of Art, Storefront for Art and Architecture, Museo Tamayo, Laboratorio de arte Alameda, Centro de Cultura Digital, among other institutions. She is currently Art & Tech Visiting Assistant Professor within the Department of Art at the University of Oregon.