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Articles and Essays:

  • On Data Politics:
  • On Genealogy and Pragmatism:
    • I have summarized some of the key ideas in my first two books in a précis article titled "Genealogical Pragmatism" in which I also map out future inquiries.
    • Among my most representative publications are a pair of companion papers on Foucault's genealogy in Critical Inquiry (in the Summer 2013 issue) and in Constellations (in the December 2015 issue), and another pair of companion papers on James's pragmatism in Journal of the History of  Philosophy (in the July 2017 issue) and in diacritics (in a 2016 issue).
    • I have published work on genealogy and pragmatism in numerous journals including: Critical Inquiry, diacritics, Journal of the History of Philosophy, Metaphilosophy, The Review of Metaphysics, Constellations, Philosophy & Social Criticism, The Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, The Journal of Speculative Philosophy, Contemporary Pragmatism, Foucault Studies, and elsewhere.
    • I have worked on three editorial projects on these topics: a special issue on interdisciplinary uses of Foucault (in History of the Human Sciences), another issue on Foucault and Pragmatism (published in Foucault Studies), and a co-edited volume on Rorty and cultural critical philosophy (published by Bloomsbury [formerly Continuum]).


  • For further details, please visit my regularly updated website where you will find a complete list of publications (and links) as well as information on courses I regularly teach: