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Degrees, years, and locations


2004-2006 (summer) Technology workshop, Yamada Center, U of O
1993-Present Upper division classes in French, Lower division in Italian, U of O, Eugene, OR
1995-2002 Training workshops in interpretation through Language Line
1991-1993 Variety of classes in teaching a foreign language, Monterey Institute of
International Studies, Monterey, CA
1984-87 M.A., Languages (French/Spanish) and International Studies, Monterey Institute of
International Studies, Monterey, CA
1976-1979 B.A., Communications, Antioch University, YellowSprings, OH


2005 (summer) Mundo a Mundo Translation Workshop,Querétaro, México
1990-91 Business French, Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
Madrid, Spain
1986 International Relations, Schiller International
University, Paris, France (Study Abroad)
1985 & 1983 Advanced Spanish, Center for European Education,
Madrid, Spain
1977 & 1980 Intermediate and Advanced French, Center for Applied
Linguistics, Besançon, France
1977-78 Advanced French and French Studies, University of Montpellier,
(University Study Abroad) Montpellier, France