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My name is Lily and I work as an office worker in the German and Scandinavian Department! I am a Educational Foundations Major with a minor in German! Because my dad is in the Navy, I have lived all over the United States and the world. I love traveling and adventuring in new places! I studied abroad in Dortmund and Mainz for around 2 months senior year of high school and my Freshman year at the UO I was part of the German Global Engagement ARC (which I highly recommend for German speakers at UO). I am the secretary and social media coordinator for German club, which meets every Thursday 6-8 PM in GSH, and it is a great way for students to practice their German in a fun setting! I also am in the University of Oregon's Symphony as a violist and I love music! What I hope is that I will use my degree in order to one day work for the Department of Defense as a teacher, and move to a new place every three years while teaching elementary school kids. I also would love to maybe become an English teacher in a foreign country! I recommend any German language/culture classes taught by Lisa Hoeller or Matthias Vogel.