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Research Interests

Professor Leonardo García-Pabón is a faculty member of the Romance Languages Department since since 1990. His teaching and research interests focus on Andean and Bolivian literatures. By the analysis of literary texts from the colonial period to the present time, he studies collective subjects —such as national subjects, or mestizo identities— as represented and criticized in Latin American literature. He has published the book La patria íntima. Alegorías nacionales en la literatura y el cine de Bolivia (1999), De Incas, Chaskañawis, Yanakunas, Chullas. Estudios sobre la novela mestiza en los Andes. (2007), El cuento sentimental romántico en Bolivia (siglo XIX) y De la literatura boliviana. Estudios, ensayos y comentarios (2021). He is the Director of Letras Fundacionales, a series dedicated to recover and edit classical Bolivian literary texts, published by Plural Editores in La Paz. As part of this collections he has edited Obra drámatica by Jaime Saenz (2005); Relatos de Potosí. Antología de la Historia de la Villa Imperial de Potosí by Bartolomé Arzáns Orsúa y Vela (2001); and Intimas by Adela Zamudio (1999). He is also a poet, with works published in Bolivia, Colombia, and Spain.