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(Last updated in October 2023)


THE NEW WIGMORE:  VOLUME ON IMPEACHMENT AND REHABILITATION (with Roger Park) -- published by Aspen/Wolters in 2012; supplements published every year since 2013

  •   “[T]he principal modern treatise on evidence . . .”

           -- U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan

  •   “Wigmore’s treatise was the dominant work of evidence scholarship in the 20th century.  The new volume by Park and Lininger concerns the impeachment and rehabilitation of witnesses, one of the central, and most perplexing, areas of evidentiary law.  The volume will certainly be widely used, as other volumes have been, by judges, practitioners, and academics . . . . Lininger is one of the outstanding scholars of evidence of the younger generation.”

          -- Richard Friedman, University of Michigan Law School         

  •  “The New Wigmore is a justly prestigious series, and I am sure that the volume by Park and Lininger will be influential and highly valuable -- particularly given the exceptional Expertise and strong professional reputation that each author brings to this project.  This will be a significant contribution to evidence law scholarship, and the bench, bar, and academy owe the authors a debt of gratitude.”

          -- David Sklansky, Stanford Law School


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Deregulating Public Interest Law, 88 TULANE LAW REVIEW 727 (2014)

Should Oregon Adopt the New Federal Rules of Evidence?, 89 OREGON LAW REVIEW 101 (2011)

The Sound of Silence:  Holding Batterers Accountable for Silencing Their Victims, 87 TEXAS LAW REVIEW 857 (2009)

Is It Wrong to Sue for Rape?, 57 DUKE LAW JOURNAL 1557 (2008)
The Promise and Limitations of Forensic Linguistics, 92 CORNELL LAW REVIEW 833 (2007)

From Park Place to Community Chest:  Rethinking Lawyers’ Monopoly, 101 NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 1343 (2007)

On Dworkin and Borkin’, 105 MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW 1315 (2007)

Kids Say the Darndest Things:  The Prosecutorial Use of Hearsay Statements by Children, 82 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 999 (2007)

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Prosecuting Batterers After Crawford, 91 VIRGINIA LAW REVIEW 747 (2005)

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A Better Way to Disarm Batterers, 54 HASTINGS LAW JOURNAL 525 (2003)