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Laurie Matthews is an Instructor in the Historic Preservation Program, a member of the Landscape Architecture Department's Cultural Landscapes Research Group, and Director of Preservation Planning + Design at MIG. She is a nationally recognized expert in preservation planning and cultural landscapes. Her work has helped steward some of the most iconic historic places in the country such as Hearst Castle, Ellis Island, and Yosemite National Park. Laurie is fascinated by the complexities and stories associated with landscapes and the history they reveal, and her work is guided by the principle that landscape preservation requires managing rather than halting change. Laurie’s analytical and communication skills enable her to readily identify issues and clearly outline potential choices and tradeoffs related to analysis, design, and management of cultural landscapes. Laurie has an M.L.A. and B.L.A. from the University of Oregon, and a B.A. in Art from Lewis & Clark College. She is the Historic American Landscape Survey representative for Oregon and serves on the board of Restore Oregon. She has garnered national and regional awards for her work, and she frequently speaks at national conferences on historic preservation and design.