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Dr. Mauro teaches and conducts research in applied decision-making and human emotion.  Dr. Mauro’s applied work is focused on topics in psychology and law and aviation.  His psychology and law work includes studies of capital sentencing, the drug courier profile, and expert testimony.  His work in aviation includes laboratory and field work on pilot decision-making, training, cockpit procedures, and automation.  His work in human emotions includes studies of the cognitive models of emotion, opponent-process theory, and the relations between cognition and emotion.  Dr. Mauro’s research utilizes experimental, survey, and observational methods and psychological and physiological measures.  For more information, visit Dr. Mauro’s website at

Dr. Mauro is open to reviewing applications for new graduate students for Fall 2024.

Selected Publications:

Trippe, J. & Mauro, R. (2017). Automation Surprise in Commercial Aviation. In Vidulich, M., Tsang, P., & Flach, J. (Eds.) Advances in Aviation Psychology. Ashgate, Farnham, UK.

Barshi, I., Mauro, R., Degani, A. & Loukopoulou, L. (2016). Designing Flightdeck Procedures. NASA/TM-2016-219421.

Mauro, R. (1992). Affective dynamics: Opponent processes and excitation transfer. In M. Clark (Ed.) Review of personality & social psychology. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.

Gross, S., & Mauro, R. (1988). Death and Discrimination: Racial Disparities in Capital Sentencing. Northeastern University Press: Boston, MA.