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Blaine is an award-winning writer, investigative reporter and editor. His focus at the SOJC is on storytelling, new media and science communication. Blaine has 20 years’ experience working at the intersection of communication, science and technology. He has worked with partners and researchers on storytelling projects from a range of institutions, including the U.S. Forest Service, Vision Maker Media, the Institute for Sustainable Environment, and the Prince William Sound Science Center, as well as researchers from the University of Washington and Oregon State University. He takes an entrepreneurial approach to science storytelling, and as a Scripps Howard Entrepreneurial Journalism Institute fellow, he worked on developing and refining models for science-based stories.

In addition to teaching at the SOJC, Blaine co-leads the SOJC’s popular Science & Memory experiential learning program, and he produces science documentaries in partnership with Vision Maker Media, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and OR Media.