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Michael Moffitt has been a member of the Oregon Law faculty since 2001. He served as Dean of the Law School from 2011 through 2017. Professor Moffitt has published more than two dozen scholarly articles on mediation, negotiation, and civil procedure. He co-edited The Handbook of Dispute Resolution, an award-winning compilation of 31 original chapters by leading scholars and practitioners in the field. He also co-authored the innovative, student-focused book, Dispute Resolution: Examples & Explanations. His most recent article, Settlement Malpractice, published in the University of Chicago Law Review, won the prize for best article of the year by both the Association of American Law Schools Section on Professional Responsibility and the AALS Section on Dispute Resolution. He also received the Dispute Resolution Advancement Award from the Hugh L. Carey Center for Dispute Resolution at St. John’s University.

Professor Moffitt has won teaching awards from the law school and from the University of Oregon. Before coming to Oregon Law, he served as the clinical supervisor for the mediation program at Harvard Law School and taught negotiation at Harvard and Ohio State. Following a federal judicial clerkship, he spent several years with Conflict Management Group, consulting on negotiation and dispute resolution projects in about twenty countries around the world. He recently served as the Roger D. Fisher Visiting Professor in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at Harvard Law School, where he led the Negotiation Workshops for two years. He is a devoted but mediocre snowboarder, an aggressive tennis player, and a slow-but-persistent hiker.