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Dr. Posner's current work deals with genetic and experiential factors in the development of brain networks underlying attention and self regulation. We are currently continuing a longitudinal study of the origins and development of attention networks. We are also studying means of modifying attention or attentional state. The research draws on fMRI, EEG and molecular genetic methods.

Dr. Posner is no longer accepting new students.

Selected Publications:

Posner, M.I., Rothbart, M.K., Sheese, B.E., & Voelker, P. (2014). Developing Attention: Behavioral and Brain Mechanisms. Advances in Neuroscience, Volume 2014, Article ID 405094.

Tang, Y-Y., Tang, R., & Posner, M.I. (2013). Brief meditation training induces smoking reduction. Proceedings of the US National Academy 110/34, 13971-13975.

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