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Selected Publications

Noble, B. B., Moutarlier, L. J., & Kempler, P. A., (2023). Electrochemical Chlor-Iron Process for Iron Production from Iron Oxide and Seawater. In review. chemRxiv preprint available:

Kempler, P. A., Slack, J.J., & Baker, A. M. (2022). Research Priorities for Seasonal Energy Storage Using Electrolyzers and Fuel Cells. Joule. 6(2), 280-285

Kempler, P. A., Boettcher, S. W., & Ardo, S. (2021). Reinvigorating Electrochemistry Education. iScience. 24(5)

Kempler, P. A., Ricther, M. H., Cheng, W.H., Brunschwig, B.S., & Lewis, N.S. (2020). Si Microwire-Array Photocathodes Decorated with Cu Allow CO2 Reduction with Minimal Parasitic Absorption of Sunlight. ACS Energy Letters. 5(8), 2528-2534

Kempler, P.A., Coridan, R.H., Lewis N.S. (2020). Effects of Bubbles on the Electrochemical Behavior of Hydrogen-Evolving Si Microwire Arrays Oriented Against Gravity. Energy & Environmental Science. 13, 1808-1817

Kempler, P. A., Gonzalez, M. A., Papadantonakis, K. M., & Lewis, N. S. (2018). Hydrogen evolution with minimal parasitic light absorption by dense Co–P catalyst films on structured p-Si photocathodes. ACS Energy Letters, 3(3), 612-617.