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Research and Teaching Profile

Prisilla Sanchez received a BA in French and Francophone Studies and in German Studies from California State University Long Beach in 2014 and completed an MA in German Literature from CSULB in 2016. She is currently revising her prospectus, which focuses on Goethe’s “Das Märchen” and “Novelle” and the theory of “The Event” (Begebenheit).
Her article, “Rewriting Goethe: Goethe seen through Stendhal’s Memoirs” will be published in early 2019 in Goethe’s Bildung: Dialogue between Tradition and Innovation. Festschrift for the 50th Anniversary of the Dallas Goethe Center. Jacob-Ivan Eidt and Christoph Weber, eds. Peter Lang GmbH.
2018-2019, she is the recipient of the Astrid M. Williams Fellowship and the Louise Smith Little and George W. Cherry Scholarship. Spring 2019, Prisilla will conduct research at the Klassik Stiftung Weimar in order to progress on her dissertation work.