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Raina Megert is the Research Coordinator of Finance and Operations for Behavioral Research and Teaching (BRT). She joined the BRT team in 1998 and has supported the research unit through a variety of roles, each of which have cultivated a deep knowledge of the research enterprise. She has an extensive background in grant administration, project management, and coordination of grants and personnel, as well has assisted with the launch and maintenance of educational software products. In her current position, Ms. Megert is responsible for the fiscal and resource management for all BRT activities (federal grants, state contracts, research, software development, and distribution) and BRT operations. She collaborates closely with BRT researchers, University staff, school districts, state departments of education, and research partners to implement research projects and activities. She also Anchormanages sales of educational software subscriptions for the easyCBM Teacher Deluxe system and oversees the customer support team for both easyCBM Lite and Teacher Deluxe versions of the software. Additionally, Ms. Megert serves on the BRT Executive Leadership Team. Ms. Megert enjoys working in a fast-paced and adaptable environment and supporting the efforts and nimble nature of this research unit.