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Rachel is from Atlanta, Georgia and is here at The University of Oregon for her PhD in Media Studies. As an undergraduate at Georgia State University and a Ronald E. McNair Scholar, Rachel’s research ranged from rhetorical analyses of prophetic ethos to quantitative research focused on detecting reader biases of criminality. For her Master’s thesis at The University of Missouri-Columbia, Rachel conducted a content analysis of commercial advertising campaigns, targeting the relationships that exist between music, authenticity, and advertising. Recently, for 7 consecutive months (November 2016 to May 2017), Rachel was honored for having of the top 25 most-accessed of 2 million graduate works, across all subject areas, in the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global database. She is excited to challenge herself and continue to thrive in her scholastic journey while here at UO. Rachel was looking for a program the provided a balance of theory, practice, and social action. She was inspired to attend SOJC based on the department’s commitment to supporting bright minds with diverse viewpoints and those who are dedicated to speaking truth to media power. Rachel’s research goals include investigating the media ownership landscape and the future potential of global media programming produced by members of diverse communities; the relationships that exist between one’s identity and one’s media diet, and to continue to study the intersection between media and culture. Some of Rachel’s favorite things to do outside of academia include creating art, spending time with the birds and the bees in her garden, writing non-fiction and poetry, songwriting, kayaking, yoga and making music. New to the Pacific Northwest, Rachel is most excited about cozy rainy days and visiting the Giant Sequoias.