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Randy is the Primary advisor for the admitted FHS students in the College of Education. He has served in the College of Education since Oct. 1998 but has over 20 years of professional advising experience, including six years in the UO Office of Academic Advising and Student Services.  Besides advising at the University of Oregon, Randy operated a counseling private practice for over six years and subsequent to this served as a Principal and teacher at a small private Christian High School in the Eugene/Springfield area.

Randy is a Licensed Professional Counselor/Therapist in the State of Oregon since 1990 and is an Ordained Minister since 2001. You may see Randy hiking in the wilderness, browsing used book stores, or enjoying sampling local restaurants. Randy enjoys helping students navigate the university system in all it's expressions. He has fun in his advising capacity and considers serving students his highest priority. Randy was given the College of Education Officer of Administration award spring 2007 for his long-term distinguished service and contributions to the COE faculty, staff and students.