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Career NTTF?

I am a Career NTTF in the Department of Theatre Arts. Career means I am a Career Instructor, and NTTF means I am a non-tenure track faculty member. In different words: my focus is teaching. This includes courses (classroom instruction) as well as instruction-related activities.


Introduction to Acting, Acting Scene Study, Acting Auditions, Advanced Acting (Voice and Dialect), FIG: Speak for Yourself!, Introduction to Theatre Arts, Dramaturgy, Majors Seminar, Play Direction, Theatre and Culture: 20-21st c. American Theatre-Makers

Instruction-Related Activities

Acting Series GE Advisor, TA KCACTF Liaison (Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival), Summer SOUP-Producer and Director

Teaching Philosophy & Pedagogical Approaches

As a teacher, I try to bring an awareness of unique life experiences into all student encounters. I ask myself every day how I can offer tools to help students become accountable risk-takers, creative problem-solvers, and critically-minded collaborators. As much as possible, I teach to the individual by valuing lived experiences of identity that each student will bring into the embodied process of learning. As a theatre maker, I value experiential learning as well -- this is how we keep developing our craft!