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After a varied career of sports medicine, clinical education and academic advising at the University of Oregon for 38 years, Rick has well and truly retired (no, really!) to a life of fishing, travel, reading, gardening, astronomy, backpacking and contemplation.  He intends to continue with his life’s ambition of learning a little bit about as many things as possible. One of his current interests is the influence of diet on inflammation and chronic disease.

With the academic rank of Senior Instructor Emeritus he retains many faculty rights and privileges–just enough to turn up now and again to teach the occasional course or seminar or annoy his still-working colleagues.

He extends his appreciation and gratitude to those colleagues and to so many others from the past, including the teachers that impacted his life and career. And he is especially grateful to his thousands of students over the years–who gave him the gift of their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

“Want what you have.
Do what you can.
Be who you are.”