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Ryan Gauthier directs Oregon Law’s award-winning Oregon Summer Sports Law Institute. He is an Associate Professor of Law at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Professor Gauthier’s research examines issues related to sports law, particularly in the areas of human rights and integrity. He specializes in legal issues related to the Olympics, and he has published a book titled The International Olympic Committee, Law, and Accountability that examines international human rights law and violations in that context. Gauthier’s other book, Cap in Hand: How Salary Caps Are Killing Pro Sports, co-authored with Bruce Dowbiggin, proposes a free-market approach to North American professional sports leagues.

In addition to book publications, Gauthier’s work has been featured in the International Sports Law JournalConnecticut Journal of International LawCanadian Yearbook of International LawAmerican Journal of International Law, and more.

Professor Gauthier earned a BA from Carleton College, a JD from Harvard School of Law, and a PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam.