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Research interests

My applied research focuses on redesignining cities so that more people can walk and bike more of the time. This work has ranged from bottom-up, participatory GIS planning to more standard analysis of urban form and transportation. Two key applied publications include my "Rethinking Streets" series that feature visually presented case studies of completed street retrofits from a diversity of communities that resulted in more sustainable transport, better places, and better economic activity (and the world didn't end by making streets better for people!).  These books have been downloaded over 5,000 times from over 20 countries and every U.S. state by politicians, planners, polic makers, engineers, urban designers, and generally concerned community members.

Sustainable Cities Institute

The Sustainable Cities Institute (SCI) is an applied thinktank focused on sustainability and cities. SCI work is always sustainability-focused, cross-disciplinary, and applied, and focuses on policy-relevant research, applied pedagogy, and direct engagement with appropriate stakeholders across public, private, nonprofit, and academic sectors. SCI has pioneered a new ‘catalytic learning’ model of higher education that is multi-disciplinary, broad scaled, and action-oriented called the Sustainable City Year Program (SCYP), which is now being implemented by over 25 other universities throughout the world and known as an Educational Partnership for Innovation in Communities (EPIC) Model. Our applied research work is currently focused around a cross-cutting theme called "Urbanism Next", which focuses on the impacts on city form and function from new technologies such as autonomous vehicles, e-commerce, and the sharing economy. SCI is helping to define this new field and direct the national conversation and research so that cities can be purposeful about their futures in the face of these rapid technologial changes.

The overarching goal of SCI is to put the resources of the university into action to help address society’s most pressing issues and help train the next generation of leaders. You can find more information here about SCI: Urbanism Next:, or EPIC-N:

Other Random Notes

  • I was a Peace Corp Volunteer in Fiji (1995-97), focusing on sustainable rural development
  • I was a Distinguished Fulbright Scholar to the United Kingdom in 2009-10
  • I was a Senior Fulbright Scholar in Israel in 2015-16
  • Every other summer, I offer a study abroad course on bicycle transportation in Denmark and the Netherlands
  • I supervise the LiveMove transportation and livability student group (an incredible group!)
  • My main web page includes additional information on research projects, tools for students, key web links, and a basic training manual for ultimate frisbee beginners.