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Recent books include Other Others: Levinas, Literature, Transcultural Studies (2010) and Epic and Other Higher Narratives: Essays in Intercultural Studies (2011). Other recent publications include "Reading for Peace" (on Homer's Iliad, the early Chinese Book of Songs, and the Hebrew Bible), "(m)Other Power: Shin Buddhism, Levinas, Lear," "China and Colette Brunschwig's Art of Witnessing," "Reading Dostoevsky in Prison After Levinas," "Prosaic Profundity: The Dream of the Red Chamber and Clarissa as Higher Narratives," "Eruptions of the Ethical Baroque," "Ghosts and Responsibility: The Hebrew Bible, Confucius, Plato," and a series of poems on Rembrandt's visual meditations on the Hebrew Bible. The Siren and the Sage: Knowledge and Wisdom in Ancient Greece and China (co-authored with Stephen Durrant) appeared in 2000. Earlier books include Plato and Postmodernism (1994), In Search of the Classic: Reconsidering the Greco-Roman Tradition, Homer to Valéry and Beyond (1994), and a Penguin edition of Pope's Iliad (1996).