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Sophia joined the Conflict and Dispute Resolution team in March of 2017 as the Program Assistant, providing support to the CRES team, students, and visitors. From the Rogue Valley, Sophia has worked at 3 Oregon universities, and they love interacting with students, staff, and faculty in a space dedicated to intellectual and personal growth and fulfillment. Sophia’s occupation background includes work in community organizing and college services, and their academic background is centered in Sociology, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Ethnic Studies. They are also a Faculty Support Specialist for the School of Law.

Outside assisting operations in the Conflict and Dispute Resolution Office, they can be found doing modern and aerial dance, baking any manner of breads and pies, playing gin rummy, reading antique cookbooks, and searching high and low for strange antique radios. Sophia’s pronouns are they, them, and theirs.