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With an undergraduate degree in general Engineering from UCLA, followed by a computer science masters with a specialization in computer graphics, and Ph.D. in EE & CS (Artificial Intelligence and perceptual psychology, specializing in vision) from MIT, Stevens has a broadly interdisciplinary background. Engineering entered early in his undergraduate studies and in a variety of projects at Caltech/JPL, in virtual reality and flight simulator facilities, and computer vision projects. Regarding computer science, graphics has been a constant fascination (starting with co-inventing the original Fisheye Transform under Prof. Leonard Kleinrock) and remains central to his research (e.g., in creating psychophysical stimuli for studying visual processes, which started under MIT's late Prof. David Marr, and now as a means to visualize dinosaur bio-mechanics). His interest in human vision has led to a US Patent (measuring metamorphopsia, often associated with macular degeneration).