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Honors and other Ego-boosters




AWARDS & HONORS (partial)


Regional “Excellence in Environmental Resources Management" Award Winner, 1989.

Special Achievement Award, $800, 1983

Special Achievement Award, $500, 1986

Special Sustained Achievement Award, $1000, 1987.

Special Achievement Award, $1000, 1988

Quality Step Increase Award, 1990.

Outstanding Performance Award, 1991.

Sustained Superior Performance Award, 1992

Sustained Superior Performance Award, 1993.

Sustained Superior Performance Award, 1994.

Regional Director’s Award;

NPS Research Scientist of the Year, 2002

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Morris Skinner Prize, 2017


taxa named in Honor:

Micromomys fremdi Fox, 1984. 

Rubus fremdi Meyer, 1995.

Achaenodon fremdi, Lucas, Foss, and Mihlbacher, 2004

Plesiosminthus fremdi Korth and Samuels, 2015

Fremdohyus sp.  Prothero, 2016

Fremdoxylon sp.  Wheeler, in prep