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CV Summary

Professor Timothy Hilton is presently navigating remote Studio instruction due to the present emergency situation. He intends that the studio experience will not suffer unescessarily because the current situation forces us to remain apart and remote. Adaptability, Thinking on ones feet, and Imaginative Response are all useful talents for our profession, the students get to see these skills demonstrated in action by their Instructors every day as they respond to the realities of the crisis. The studio experience is an essential part of the education of an Architect. The Pride of Work each student carries up the education ladder is the strongest attribute a young graduate can have when it's time for them to enter the profession. 

Tim has worked in large and small offices with a variety of clients and projects after graduating from the School of Architecture and Allied Arts at Oregon, starting in 1984 as a Junior Designer (JD) for ZGF Partnership and then at BOOR/A Architects, primarily working on institutional and corporate projects. In 1986 he decamped to Los Angeles for 22 years working primarily on westside private residences and beach houses, with an occasional landscape, hospitality or commercial project. Among his notable clientele are the author: Brian Moore, television personality: Elvira, producer: Rob Zombie, film director: William Wyler, film director: Nic Roeg, actress: Teresa Russell, sportsman: Wayne Gretsky, and sportsman: the late Kobe Bryant.

In 1992 Tim completed the Graduate Program at SCI-Arc, renown as an international design hotbed that gathered the best of Twentieth Century architects and architecture. After which he remained occupied with private residences, hospitality, landscape, and commercial projects, primarily in Los Angeles but also in Astoria. He returned to Oregon in 2002 joining the office of Gary Moye architect. Now in Private Practice he is occupied with projects that revolve around Preservation: Repair, Rehabilitation and Reuse of Historic Structures and their Restoration.