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Dr. Barbara Tint is Professor for the Conflict Resolution Program at Portland State University and at the University of Oregon Law School. Her work in peace & conflict resolution stems from her background in political psychology, where she has focused largely on the psychological dynamics involved in the causes, prevention & intervention within international conflict.

In addition to her university teaching, Barbara works as a consultant, facilitator, mediator, & trainer in a variety of domestic & international arenas, including both public and private groups in Australia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, France, India, Israel/Palestine, Rwanda, and Sri Lanka, & with indigenous and multiracial groups in the U.S.  She has provided dialogue training to multiple groups around the world, including both faculty and students at the United Nations University for Peace.

Barbara has written book chapters and articles on various topics, including her ongoing work in collective memory, dialogue in intergroup conflict, peace education & culture, & the processes involved in the creation of reconciliation processes for diaspora communities.  Her most recent project involved the design and implementation of dialogue, reconciliation and capacity building processes within African diaspora communities and she has recently completed a book about these efforts.  Barbara's latest labor of love is improvisational theater.  In addition to her ongoing training in this area, she incorporates the principles and techniques of this modality into her teaching, training and consulting.  She believes in the power of spontaneity, creativity, innovation, agility & collaboration as core building blocks for the world of conflict & dispute resolution.