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My interdisciplinary research examines the interplay among "Place, Policy, and People" in the context of fostering sustainable urban development and creating livable communities. My scholarship focuses primarily on two key domains: the intricate relationship between policy and place, and the dynamic interaction between place and people. In the realm of policy and place, I investigate how cultural and institutional factors shape sustainable planning policies, examining the transferability of place-based policies across diverse urban contexts. My research extends across various Asian countries, analyzing the formulation and implementation of sustainable urban development policies. Presently, I'm studying Voluntary Local Reviews in Japanese cities to identify adaptable, effective strategies for global application. Within the domain of place and people, my research explores how individuals' environments impact their behaviors and overall well-being, taking into account personal traits such as attitudes and preferences. The overarching goal of this aspect of my research is to identify effective placemaking strategies that foster the creation of inclusive, livable communities. My research has received support from prestigious funding agencies, including the US-Japan Fulbright Commission, US National Institute for Transportation and Communities, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.