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Dr. Zachary DuBois is an Assistant Professor of Biological Anthropology and Director of the Stress, Adaptation, and Resilience (STAR) Lab at University of Oregon. He also co-directs the Global Health Biomarker Lab with Director Dr. Josh Snodgrass and is part of UO’s new Biomarker Cluster. Dr. DuBois is also affiliated with the University of Oregon Global Health Program. He currently serves on the editorial boards of The Yearbook of Biological Anthropology and Psychoneuroendocrinology. He teaches upper-level undergraduate courses in biocultural anthropology, including human biological variation, in cultural anthropology including Food and Culture as well as graduate courses in Methods of Qualitative Data Analysis and Mixed-Methods. Please visit his full webpage for further details at and his current project website The Trans Resilience and Health Study for more details.

He specializes in resilience, social determinants of health, embodied stigma and inequality, and in expanding and adding nuance to current conceptualizations of gender and sex. His research applies community-based, intersectional, mixed-methods approaches centering the lived experience and health of transgender and gender diverse people. Projects include pioneering work elaborating understandings of stigma and gender minority stress experiences of transgender and gender diverse people through life history and ethnographic interviews and mapping these onto the body as embodied stressors through integration of minimally invasive biomarker measures with an aim of addressing health disparities in these populations. Towards addressing health disparities among LGBTQIA+ people, he also conducts collaborative, applied research, for instance developing validated scales to accurately capture and measure the lived experiences of transgender and gender diverse people (PI Dr. Jae Puckett) and text-message based HIV reduction interventions for transgender and gender diverse youth (PI Dr. Michele Ybarra). Dr. DuBois’ publications have appeared in peer-reviewed journals including the American Journal of Human BiologyPsychoneuroendocrinologyQualitative Health ResearchAIDS and BehaviorAIDS Prevention and Education, and Transgender Health. His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health, and other sources. Check out his publications here!