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Select and Recent Publications

Markowitz, D. M. (2022). Gender and ethnicity bias in medicine: A text analysis of 1.8 million critical care records. PNAS Nexus, 1(4), pgac157.

Markowitz, D. M. (2022). Toward a deeper understanding of prolific lying: Building a profile of situation-level and individual-level characteristics. Communication Research.

Markowitz, D. M. (2022). Revisiting the relationship between deception and design: A replication and extension of Hancock et al. (2004). Human Communication Research, 48(1), 158-167.

Markowitz, D. M., & Shulman, H. C. (2021). The predictive utility of word familiarity for online engagements and funding. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118, e2026045118.

Markowitz, D. M., Song, H., & Taylor, S. H. (2021). Tracing the adoption and effects of open science in communication research. Journal of Communication, 71(5), 739–763.

Markowitz, D. M., & Slovic, P. (2020). Social, psychological, and demographic characteristics of dehumanization toward immigrants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117, 9260-9269.

Markowitz, D. M., & Levine, T. R. (2020). It’s the situation and your disposition: A test of two honesty hypotheses. Social Psychological and Personality Science12(2), 213-224.