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Edward M. Olivos is a professor specializing in bilingual education and bicultural parent involvement. His research focuses on the relationship between bicultural parents and schools as well as the development of bilingual educators. He is the author of The Power of Parents: A Critical Perspective of Bicultural Parent Involvement in Public Schools (2006, Peter Lang Publishers, Inc.) and co-editor of Bicultural Parent Engagement: Advocacy and Empowerment (2011, Teachers College Press).

Olivos has published work in the areas of policy studies, school reform, parent participation, critical pedagogy, teacher credentialing, and biliteracy issues of K-12 classrooms. He is PI and Director of the Education Leaders for Oregon English Learners (ELOEL) grant, a 5-year $3 million dollar grant that offers an online ESOL endorsement pathway for Oregon teachers. He is a former San Diego elementary school teacher, where he taught for more than 10 years. 

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