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2017: Directing an Evidence-Based Practice project for one graduate student in the Communication Disorders and Sciences Department at the University of Oregon.

2016: Directing two Evidence-Based Practice projects for two graduate students in the Communication Disorders and Sciences Department at the University of Oregon.

2012: Project leader for a case study research project affiliated with the University of Oregon’s (U of O) department of Behavioral Research and Teaching. I conducted a phenomenological study to identify factors that impact the successful implementation of Response to Intervention at a rural elementary school. As the project leader, I:

*organized and prioritized tasks for the research team;

*identified the appropriate case study methodology;

*conducted interviews, collected data, and facilitated the data analysis, and

*coordinated post research projects (e.g., AERA presentation and an article submission).

2012: Research assistant for the U of O Secondary Special Education and Transition Department. My assigned duties with this research project focused on modeling an established survey for post secondary students with disabilities and whether the survey would be a valid instrument to be used within European universities. Structural equation modeling and invariance testing were used to conduct analysis between results obtained from the U of O and a university in Spain.

2009-2011: Graduate Teaching Fellow Research Assistant for the U of O department for Secondary Special Education and Transition, in conjunction with assisting the Accessible Education Center (formally Disability Services). My research tenure was sponsored by a 3-year federal grant that required me to conduct literature reviews, develop newsletter briefs, and assist with professional development workshops at education conferences and to university faculty pertaining to Universal Design principles and practices in a post secondary educational setting.