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Dr. Erik Girvan is a Professor, Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Programs,* and Executive Director of Law and Conflict Studies** at the University of Oregon School of Law. Erik teaches courses in civil litigation, the psychology and law of discrimination, and the psychology of conflict. Erik earned his J.D. at Harvard Law School and Ph.D. (Social and Political Psychology) at the University of Minnesota. As a practicing attorney, Erik litigated over 100 complex commercial cases in various federal and state jurisdictions across the country. Erik’s research investigates intergroup conflict, including how group-based stereotypes, attitudes, and other biases might impact decisions in the legal system and related contexts, such as school discipline. In collaboration with a diverse variety of legal and other professionals, Erik also develops and tests practical ways to reduce or eliminate the impacts of biases and make conflicts, where they occur, more constructive.

* As the law school's Associate Dean of Faculty Research and Programs, Erik oversees the Academic Services and Programs team, the Public Law and Policy Program (including OLSPIF and Pro Bono), the Oregon Summer Sports Law Institute, and other faculty-led programs. He also supervises faculty-related communications, signature events, and faculty development activities. He is one of the primary contacts for teaching evals, law school policy development and revision, and university policy. He works closely with Student Affairs and other Associate Deans at the law school and the UO. In his role, he serves on the Dean's Leadership Team, the Dean's Faculty Advisory Committee, and the Dean's Student Advisory Committee.

** As Executive Director of Law and Conflict Studies Professor Girvan oversees the law school’s Conflict and Dispute ResolutionLL.M., and undergraduate Legal Studies programs.

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