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Selected Recent Scholarly Work

Associations Between Community-Level Racial Biases, Office Discipline Referrals, and Out-of-School SuspensionsSchool Psychology Review, 1-15 (2021) (with Kent McIntosh and Maria Santiago-Rosario).

The School-to-Prison Pipeline: How Federal Anti-Discrimination Law Fails to Protect Equal Educational Opportunity. The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Education Law (2021) 

Towards a Problem-Solving Appraoch to Addressing Racial Dispariteis in School Discipline Under Anti-Discrimination Law. 50 Univ. of Memphis Law Review 995-1090 (2020) (symposium issue on Closing the Gap: Solutions to Educational Inequality).

Tail, tusk, and trunk: What different metrics reveal about racial disproportionality in school discipline54(1) Educational Psychologist 40-59 (2019) (with Kent McIntosh and Keith Smolkowski). 

The Law and Social Psychology of Racial Disparities in School Discipline. 4 Advances in Psycholology and Law 235-76 (2019).

Wise Restraints?: Learning Legal Rules, Not Standards, Reduces the Effects of Stereotypes in Legal Decision-Making. 22 Psychology, Public Policy, & Law 31 (2016).