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Fall 2023:

SPAN 490: The Cuban Revolution in Context


Offered Periodically:

Several courses may be available for upper-division Portuguese credit. Please see me to find out more.

Caribbean Crossings (Grad/ Undergrad)

Comparison from the South (Grad; COLT 615)

Cultures of the Cuban Revolution in Context (Grad/ Undergrad)

Theorizing the Plantation (Grad/ Undergrad; Spanish/Portuguese)

Runaways, Rebellions and Revolutions in the Black Atlantic (Grad/ Undergrad; Spanish/Portuguese)

Afro-Latin American Literature (Grad/ Undergrad; Spanish/Portuguese)

The Latin American Dictator Novel (Grad/ Undergrad)

Hispanic Cultures Through Literature III (SPAN 343)

Hispanic Cultures Through Literature IV (SPAN 344)

Introduction to Narrative (SPAN 353)

The Chinese in Latin America (Undergrad; SPAN/ CHN 200M)

Intro to Luso-Brazilian Literature and Culture, 19th-21st Centuries (PORT 399)

Traveling the Portuguese-Speaking World (Grad/ Undergrad; English/ Portuguese)