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Dr. Leilani Sáez is a Research Assistant Professor with Behavioral Research and Teaching at the University of Oregon. She has extensive experience working in classroom settings, and previously worked directly with children, youth, and adults with learning disabilities. Her commitment to supporting individuals with learning difficulties spans more than 25 years.

Leilani has presented at 20 national conferences and co-authored 8 manuscripts, 4 book chapters, and 12 technical reports on working memory, reading development, classroom instruction, learning disabilities, teacher practices, and educational measurement. She has taught university courses on assessment, educating students with special needs and inclusionary classroom practices, and the psychology of learning. Most recently, she was the Principal Investigator of an Office of Special Education Programs funded project to support preschool teachers’ assessment-guided decision-making for preventing reading disabilities and strengthening children’s transitions to kindergarten. She currently serves on local education committees, and is a scholarly reviewer for multiple journals and professional conferences.