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Nieborg, D. B. & Foxman M. (2023). Mainstreaming and Game Journalism. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press.

Recent Articles

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Harris, B., Foxman, M., & Partin, W. (2023). “Don’t make me ratio you again”: How political influencers encourage platformed political participationSocial Media + Society. 9(2).

Foxman, M. (2022). Gaming the System: Playbour, Production, Promotion and the MetaverseBaltic Screen Media Review. 10(2). 224-233.

Foxman, M. (2021). Making the Virtual a Reality: Playful Work and Playbour in the Diffusion of Innovations. Digital Culture & Society. 7(1), 91-110.

Foxman, M., Beyea, D., Leith, A. P., Ratan, R. A., Chen, V. H. H., & Klebig, B. (2021). Beyond genre: Classifying virtual reality experiencesIEEE Transactions on Games

Xie, E., Foxman, M., & Xu, S. (2021). From public sphere to magic circle: playful publics on the Chinese internetInternet Histories, 5(3-4), 359–375.

Foxman, M., Markowitz, D. M., & Davis, D. Z. (2021). Defining empathy: Interconnected discourses of virtual reality’s prosocial impactNew Media & Society, 23(8), 2167–2188.

Recent Public Reports

Foxman, M. (2023). Theories in XR, 2022. Social Grammars of Virtualiy, no. 1. University of Pennsylvania.

Foxman, M. (2022). Lessons for Journalists from Virtual Worlds. Tow Center for Digital Journalism.