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He teaches a wide array of courses spanning modern Chinese literature, popular Chinese culture, modern Russian literature, and Comparative Literature. 

Graduate seminars previously taught:
COLT 610: Memorial, Mourning, and Mortality: Death and the Time of Writing
RUSS 434/534 Comparative Realisms in Russia and China
EALL 607 Workshop in Theory in East Asia
CHN 607 Lu Xun
CHN 607 Mind and Spirit in Modern Chinese Literature
CHN 607 The Cultural Revolution and the Question of Culture
CHN 607 Late-Qing Literature
CHN 410/510 Reading Socialist Texts
CHN 407/507 "Class" in Modern Chinese Literature

Undergraduate courses previously taught:
CHN 152 Introduction to Chinese Popular Culture
CHN 307 History of Modern Chinese Literature
CHN 351 Gender and Sexuality in Modern Chinese Literature