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Username First Name Last Namesort icon Title Additional Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
abertin Aurélie Bertin Graduate Employee, French, MA Romance Languages 30 Friendly Hall Eugene Tuesday 8-9 a.m, Thursday 9-10 a.m or by appointment
kbest Krysta Best M.A. GE for Environmental Studies Philosophy Department 241 Columbia Hall 541-346-5003
mbetanco Mauricio Betancourt de la Parra Graduate Employee Sociology 614 PLC Winter 2021: By appointment only
abettman Ann Bettman Assistant Professor Former Director of the Urban Farm
abetts Aaron Betts Graduate Employee Human Physiology 181 Esslinger Hall 541-346-4107
mbetts Megan Betts Graduate Employee Sociology Winter 2021: By appointment only
thbevans Tricia Bevans Senior Instructor Mathematics 333B Tykeson Hall 541-346-4790
alidab Alida Bevirt Studio Technician Jewelry & Metalsmithing Art Northsite C Eugene 541-510-7897
gubaeb Gubae Beyene Doctoral Student SOJC SOJC Eugene
ebeyerle Eric Beyerle Graduate Teaching Fellow Institute for Fundamental Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry
sripoorn Sripoorna Bharadwaj Graduate student Physics Department 453 Willamette Hall
sunayani Sunayani Bhattacharya Comparative Literature Graduate Student Comparative Literature Department
tbhatta2 Tiyas Bhattacharyya Graduate student Anthropology 365 Black Condon Hall Remote office hours: Tuesday 3:30-4:30 and Wednesday 3:00pm-4:00pm 541-346-5109
ginab Gina Biancarosa Ann Swindells Chair in Education Professor, Department of Special Education and Clinical Sciences College of Education, Special Education 354 HEDCO Education Bldg. 541-346-2883
mbicakci Matthew Bicakci English Graduate Student English Department
abiersac Aletta Biersack Professor Emerita Anthropology, Asian Studies Email for appointment
dbigger2 Dennis Biggerstaff Practicum Supervisor
lbilbao Lauren Bilbao Instructor Eugene
bindeman Ilya Bindeman Professor Earth Sciences 110A Cascade Hall 541-346-3817
ghicks7 Grace Binion Doctoral Student - On Internship 2020-21 Psychology Department 336 Straub Hall
amandab Amanda Bird Courtesy Professor Russian East European and Eurasian Studies 175 PLC 541-346-5051
rbirn Raymond Birn Professor Emeritus History 350 McKenzie Hall 541-346-4804
dbishop Dennis Bishop Director of Information & Technology Law 311 Knight Law Center 541-346-3877
ibisilk2 Isaac Bisilki Doctoral Student SOJC
saumyab Saumya Biswas Graduate Student OMQ, Physics Department 251 Willamette Hall 541-346-4770
ibiswas Indroneil Bir Biswas Doctoral Student SOJC SOJC Eugene
tbitton Tal-Hi (Tali) Bitton Ph.D. GE & GTFF Steward for 2020-2021 English Department, Philosophy Department 11 Susan Campbell Hall Wednesdays, 11 AM to 1PM, or by appointment
tbivins7 Tanner Bivins Doctoral Student Economics 821 PLC Winter 2021: By appointment only
tbivins Thomas Bivins Professor, John L. Hulteng Chair in Media Ethics & Responsibility SOJC, SOJC-Media Studies Master's, SOJC-Media Studies PhD, SOJC-Media Studies Undergrad 311B Allen Hall Eugene 541-346-3740
cbjerre Carl S. Bjerre Wallace L. & Ellen A. Kaapcke Professor of Business Law Law, Law-JD 353 Knight Law Center 541-346-3981
jkblack Jessica Black Program Assistant, SOJC Portland SOJC 350A White Stag Bldg, SOJC Portland Portland 503-412-3664
blackwel David Blackwell Senior Instructor Earth Sciences 141 Columbia Hall 541-346-1477
ablaikie Andrew Blaikie Graduate Student Physics Department 76 Willamette Hall
mblaine Mark Blaine Professor of Practice SOJC, SOJC-Journalism 110A Allen Hall Eugene 541-346-3515
jblair3 Jacob Blair Instructor Geography 109 Condon Hall 541-346-4870
kblaisd2 Kellyn Blaisdell Doctoral Student Center for Translational Neuroscience, Psychology Department, Stress Neurobiology and Prevention Research (SNAP) Lab
wblake2 Will Blake Graduate Employee History 340G McKenzie Hall Fall 2020, Thursday 10:30–12:30 or by appointment
jbland3 Josh Bland Research Assistant Human Physiology 342 Gerlinger Hall
dblandy Doug Blandy Professor PPPM 147D Hendricks Hall Eugene 541-346-3397
qbletery Quentin Bletery Postdoctoral fellow Earth Sciences 210D Cascade Hall 541-346-4573
ablinov Andrey Blinov PhD student (Phillips) Mathematics 4 University Hall 541-346-0985
mwblock Mitchell Block Professor of Documentary & Film Studies, Jon Anderson Chair SOJC, SOJC-Media Studies Master's, SOJC-Media Studies PhD, SOJC-Media Studies Undergrad 214B Allen Hall 541-346-2528
bruceb Bruce Blonigen Philip H. Knight Professor of Social Science Tykeson Dean of Arts and Sciences Economics, SAIL 401 Tykeson Hall By appointment 541-346-3902
jbloom2 Jan Bloom Practicum Supervisor 124 Lokey Education Bldg
cblum Chris Blum Operations Coordinator Economics, Sociology 736 PLC 541-346-1168
sblument Scott Blumenthal Assistant Professor Anthropology 375 Condon Hall Email for appointment 541-346-9181
jbockhol Justin Bockholt Graduate Employee Human Physiology SRC 6
pbodin Paul Bodin Courtesy Instructor of Philosophy Philosophy Department 245 Susan Campbell Hall 541-686-9270
ebodish Elijah Bodish PhD student (Elias) Mathematics 309 Fenton Hall 541-346-4743
hbodish Holt Bodish PhD student (Lipshitz) Mathematics 302 Fenton Hall 541-346-4721