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Username First Name Last Namesort icon Title Additional Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
dchristi Diana Christie Graduate Student Anthropology Con 365 Green (541) 346-5109
tcc Tim Christion Myers Ph.D. Philosophy Department COL 47A 11:00-11:50am Thursday & Friday during Summer 2017
palitac Palita Chunsaengchan Comparative Literature Graduate Student / GE Comparative Literature Department, English Department PLC 211 Spring term: M 1:00-3:00, W 9:50-11:50 (541)-346-3021
gcil Gulcan Cil ProTem Instructor Economics 430 PLC By appointment 541-346-1237
cina Jeffrey Cina Professor Theoretical Physical Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry 146 Klamath Hall 541-346-4617
claiborn Caroline Claiborn Post Doctoral Instructor 530 PLC Spring term W 1-3 (in Marche), F 1-3 (in my office) (541) 346-1314
sclark Suzanne Clark Professor Emerita English Department (541) 346-
sclark11 Stephanie Clark Assistant Professor English Department 374 PLC Spring term: TR 12:00-1.30 541-346-3960
mariahc Mariah Clark Office Coordinator CASIT 450 McKenzie Hall 541-346-6089
bclark2 Ben Clark Assistant Professor PPPM 105 Hendricks Hall Eugene 541-346-7320
lclawson Lisa Clawson Undergraduate Coordinator Anthropology 308 Condon Hall Monday - Friday 7:30-4:00 541-346-5103
larainec Laraine Clawson Office Assistant Anthropology Condon Hall 308 M-F 12-4 541-346-5102
zclayton Zachary Clayton Ph.D. Candidate Graduate Employee Human Physiology 301 CMER 6-9139
jclemen2 Jordan Clementi GE of Romance Languages Romance Languages Friendly 30 (719)242-1229
kclev Kara Clevinger Career Instructor English Department 22 PLC Spring term: MWF 10:00-11:00, W 1:30-2:30 541-346-1514
tcoates Tom Coates Fabrication Lab Technician A&AA 185 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-3767
hollyc Holly Coble Admissions and Data Systems Manager Architecture 210 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-1433
kcoffin Katie Coffin Accounting Technician Fiscal Services 125 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-2398
ecogan Elizabeth Cogan PhD candidate GE in French Romance Languages 192G Esslinger 346-4497
scohen Shaul Cohen Associate Professor Co-Director, Peace Studies Program, The University of Oregon Carnegie Council Global Ethics Fellow Geography, Judaic Studies Program 107G Condon Hall 541-346-4500
tcohen Tim Cohen Assistant Professor Physics Department 475 Willamette Hall 541-346-5291
sfcohen Shoshana Cohen Director of Fiscal Services Fiscal Services 125 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-2076
mcolas Mark Colas Assistant Professor Economics By appointment
pcolbert Phil Colbert Instructor Computer and Information Science 145 Deschutes Hall 541-346-4473
fscolby Rick Colby Associate Professor, Department Head Judaic Studies Program, Religious Studies 333 Susan Campbell Hall By appointment only 541-346-5735
ecole3 Emily Cole Graduate Employee History 340T McKenzie Spring 2017: Monday 12:30-2:30 pm. 541-346-4821
pcollier Patience Collier Graduate Employee History 340N McKenzie Spring 2017: Tuesday/Wednesday 9:00-10:00 am. 541-346-4828
jayc Jay Collins Graduate Student Physics Department (541) 346-4770
lauradel Lauradel Collins Systems Staff Computer and Information Science 330 Deschutes Hall 541-346-1389
dcolon Dylan Colon Ph.D. Candidate Earth Sciences
coltrane Scott Coltrane Senior Vice President and Provost Sociology 202 Johnson Hall 541-346-3186
comley Cassie Comley Graduate Employee Sociology No office hours this term
pcompton Paul Compton Server Administrator Psychology Department 363 Straub Hall 541-346-6300
wconable William Conable English Graduate Student / GE English Department PLC 34 Spring term: M 9:30-1:30 (541) 346-0529
conery John Conery Professor Emeritus Biology Department 313 Pacific Hall 541-346-8870
connolly Thomas Connolly Director of Research Division Anthropology Or State Mus of Anth, Bldg 116 541-346-3031
kconnor Kit Connor Ph.D. GE Philosophy Department 221 Susan Campbell Hal TBA during Fall 2017
tconroy Ted Conroy M.S. student Earth Sciences Volcanology 205
jcontrer Jeff Contreras Senior Instructor of Spanish Romance Languages 22 Friendly Hall Tuesday & Friday 1-1:50 541-346-4027
diegoc Diego Contreras Medrano Graduate Employee Sociology 607 PLC Tue & Fri: 12-2pm
acook Anna Cook ABD Ph.D. GE Philosophy Department 158B Susan Campbell Hall TBA during Fall 2017
ecook2 Eryn Cook Graduate student Physics Department 250 Willamette Hall 541-346-5863
sacook Stanton Cook Professor Emeritus Geography
jenniec Jennie Cooper Graduate Employee Human Physiology 304 Gerlinger 6-0441
mcopperm Michael Copperman Senior Instructor English Department 34 PLC Spring term: MWF 11:00-12:00, 3:00-3:20 541-346-0063
jcopperm Jeremy Copperman Graduate student Physics Department 135 Klamth Hall
corbett Colin Corbett Doctoral Student Economics 518 PLC By appointment (541) 346-7755
dcorner Donald Corner Professor Architecture 262 Onyx Bridge Eugene 541-346-3614
ccorona Caitlin Corona Lab Coordinator Psychology Department
ecorwin Eric Corwin Associate Professor Physics Department 373 Willamette Hall 541-346-4697