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Username First Name Last Namesort icon Title Additional Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
jimbrau James Brau Knight Professor of Natural Science Center for High Energy Physics, Physics Department 414B Willamette Hall 541-346-4766
ybraun Yvonne Braun Associate Professor WGS Department Head and Graduate Advisor International Studies, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies 318 Hendricks Hall Spring 2018: Weds 1:30 -3:30 and by appointment 541-346-5752
lfbraun Lindsay Braun Associate Professor History 311 McKenzie Hall Spring 2018: Monday/Wednesday 9:00-10:30 am; or by appointment [M/T/W only] 541-346-4838
carmenb Carmen Bravo Research Assistant Psychology Department LISB 541-206-4569
mbray Mike Bray Career Instructor Art Millrace 2 Eugene
leab Lea Brayton English Graduate Student / GE English Department PLC 237 T 1:30-3:30, R 1:30-2:30 spring term (541) 346-3941
hbrazier Hayley Brazier Graduate Employee History 340L McKenzie Hall
brences Steven Brence Senior Instructor of Philosophy Philosophy Department 250D Susan Campbell Hall 2:00-3:50pm Wednesdays or by appointment during Spring 2018 541-346-5553
bbrenna2 Benjamin Brennan Doctoral Student Economics 431 PLC Spring 2018: Tuesdays 1:00-2:00 PM, Wednesdays 11:00 AM-12:00 PM (541) 346-7755
sbrenna7 Sean Brennan MA Student Language Teaching Studies Linguistics
nataliek Natalie Brenner Graduate Employee, French, PhD Candidate Romance Languages Esslinger South 192J Spring 2018: Mondays 3-5p & Thursdays 10a-12p
dbretz David Bretz Instructor Arts & Admin 381A Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-1450
bbrewer Benjamin Brewer M.A. Humanities Program, Philosophy Department
cbriar Cory Briar Doctoral Student Economics 318 PLC Spring 2018: By appointment only 541-346-7755
bridgham Scott Bridgham Professor ENVS-Director IE2 Biology Department 362 Onyx Hall 541-346-1466
jlevin Jennifer Bright Instructor Comparative Literature Department, Humanities Program 218 VIL Not teaching spring term 16 none - please use email
brilmyer S. Pearl Brilmyer Assistant Professor Comparative Literature Department 273 PLC On leave until AY 16-17 541-346-3935
dbrimmer David Brimmer Doctoral Student Economics 323 PLC Spring 2018: Mondays and Wednesdays 11 AM-12 PM (541) 346-7755
brinkley Ben Brinkley IT Director CASIT 453 McKenzie Hall 541-346-2025
megen Megen Brittell PhD Candidate Geography 160 Condon Hall
jbrock Justin Brock English Graduate Student / GE Assistant Director of Composition English Department 241 PLC MT 9:30-12:30 spring term (541) 346-0531
llewelle Liza Brockman Instructor Eugene
julib Juli Brode Instructor Architecture 210 Lawrence Hall available by appointment 541-346-2762
cbrooke Corey Brooke Pre-PhD student Mathematics 312 Fenton Hall 541-346-4737
sbrooks Sarah Brooks Student Employee SAIL
ebrost Liza Brost Graduate student Physics Department 414A Willamette Hall 541-346-4722
kbrown Kirby Brown Assistant Professor, Native American Studies; English Department English Department, Ethnic Studies, Native American Studies, SAIL 523 PLC T 4-5 W 9-11 PLC 523; W 5-6 KIH 111 & by appt. spring term 541-346-5819
cbrown5 Crystal Brown PhD Candidate Political Science
rmbrown Richard Brown Beekman Professor Emeritus 275 McKenzie Hall 541-346-4802
mcbrown Mary Brown Undergraduate Coordinator Mathematics 202 Fenton Hall 541-346-0938
lucien Lucien Brown Associate Professor, Korean Linguistics East Asian Languages 425 Friendly Hall 541-346-4103
stb Steven Brown Professor of Comparative Literature Comparative Literature Department 304 Villard Hall Spring 2018: R 3-5 & by appt. 541-346-4016
gzbrown Charlie "GZ" Brown Professor Emeritus Founding Director, Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory Architecture ESBL, 103 Pacific Hall Eugene 541-346-5647
cbrowni3 Cory Browning Assistant Professor of French Romance Languages 428 Friendly Hall Tuesday, Thursday 11:30-12:30 and by appointment 541-346-4028
abroz Adrian Broz PhD Student Earth Sciences Cascade 324 Eugene Tuesday 3:30-5:30pm
cbrozek Carl Brozek Assistant Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry
jdbruce Josh Bruce Senior Research Assistant Director, Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience Community Service Center, PPPM 108 Hendricks Hall Eugene 541-346-7326
kbrundan Katherine Brundan Instructor Comparative Literature Department, English Department, SAIL 218 Villard Hall MW 2:00-3:00, T 12:00-1:00 spring term 541-346-0528
brundan Jon Brundan Professor College Scholars, Mathematics 319 Fenton Hall 541-346-5626
tbrunnen Trevor Brunnenmeyer Graduate Student Physics Department 417 Willamette Hall
ebruno Elizabeth Bruno English Graduate Student On Leave
tbruno Tianna Bruno PhD Student Geography 208 Condon Hall 6-4522
kbryantb Kristy Bryant-Berg Career Instructor English Department 343 PLC MWF 9:00-10:00 a.m. spring term 541-346-3975
danielb Daniel Buck Associate Professor Geography 109 Condon Hall 541-346-2353
jbuckley James Buckley Associate Professor Venerable Chair in Historic Preservation Historic Preservation White Stag Building Portland
ebudd Elizabeth Budd Assistant Professor SAIL 357 HEDCO Education Bldg 541-346-2173
jbuetow Josh Buetow Fiscal Coordinator 216B Allen Hall M-F: 7:30-4:30 541-346-3806
bufalino Jamie Bufalino Instructor WGS lead advisor History, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies 320 Hendricks Hall Spring 2018: Tues, 12:00-1:30 pm, 3:30-5:00 pm, or by appointment. 541-346-5904
bukowski Michael Bukowski Instructor Arts & Admin Eugene
rbundy Rheuben Bundy GE Doctoral Student Political Science 833 PLC Fri 2:00-3:00 (weeks 1-10 & finals week)